Whirlwind Barbarian

The Whirlwind Barbarian struggles a bit while undergeared but, once decent Attack Rating and damage have been acquired, he quickly becomes a powerful Barbarian capable of beating any area in the game. One of the strongest points for using a Whirlwind Barbarian late in the game is that it is one of the few Barbarian Skills to give Area of Effect damage. This allows for the Barbarian to shift into fighting larger masses of mobs at once instead of focusing on single targets or small groups.

Guided Playthough

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Video Build Guide


Once the Barbarian starts to find some decent gear like Grief or Breath Of The Dying he really picks up in power and becomes one of the strongest builds both capable of PvM and PvP fights.

You might want to wait a tiny bit before beginning your Whirlwind journey as you might end up really making things tough for your Character otherwise.