One of the best and cheapest Boss killers in the game, it takes very little gear to really get this character rolling. With a 100% chance to hit, decent damage, and a few various sources of obtaining Life Tap from Item Charges or Procs, the Smiter is a top tier Melee Character in Diablo 2.

Guided Playthough

These videos provide a complete “follow along” style playthough of many popular character builds in Diablo 2.




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Video Build Guide

The great attribute of Smite is that it has no hit-check, so it hits 100% of the time. The downside is most Damage modifiers do not apply to it, so it is difficult to have Smite do Damage comparable to other melee skills.

Playing around Smite, until you get sustainable Damage with good Items, you’ll want to spend a lot of time stun locking monsters with Smite.