Gold Find Barbarian

There are actually a few different Characters that can farm gold pretty effectively, however the Barbarian is one of the best and is also known for running the highest amount of Gold Find of any character thanks to his ability to dual wield 6 open socket swords with Lem Runes in them. While he is usually pretty limited in areas he can farm (and usually sticks to the Travincal Council), he is a strong specialist for sure.

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Video Build Guide

The main path of the Gold Find Barbarian will be heading towards the Travincal Waypoint, running to the Durance of Hate Level 1, stepping into the Durance, and then immediately heading back into the Travincal so that your Mercenary appears next to your Barbarian.

An easy place to pick up large sums of Gold is simply running around the Lower Kurast on Players 8 (or on Multiplayer with as many people in the game as possible) and clicking on all of the Chests, Bodies, Skeletons, and more.