Duel League

Rules for MrLlamaSC’s Arena Duel League
1. The MADL will run for 10 weeks on https://arena.gl, with new dueling competitions on every Thursday starting at 2pm US Central Time and runs until all games have been completed or MrLlamaSC calls the end of the competition for the day. Every person who shows up before the event ends will get a chance to compete.
2. Each player will be allowed to compete and gain points for the week only once per week. In the event that a final game needs extra players to fill, players who have competed before can compete again but for no points this time.
3. Points will be awarded for each game to each player as follows:

For Tournament Brackets:
+1 point for participating
+2 points for winning the quarter finals round
+3 points for winning the semi finals round
+4 points for winning the final round
+1 point for facing MrLlamaSC
+2 points for beating MrLlamaSC

For Free for all:
+1 point for participating
+9 points for winning
+7 points for 2nd
+5 points for 3rd
+3 points for 4th
+2 points for 5th
+1 points for 6th
+0 points for 7th/8th
+1 point for killing MrLlamaSC

4. Players must join the MrLlamaSC Guild on Arena.gl to join the rankings for the league.
5. At the end of 10 weeks, the top players of the league will split a $600 prize pool. $300 for first place, $200 for second place, $100 for third place. There may also be additional prizes for these players or other players
6. The style of duel will be announced every week on the day of the duels, as well as any additional specific rules/rule changes beyond the rules stated here.
7. Basic Rules for the duels:
– All gear used must be gear found/bought within the duel game. No bringing in gear from outside of the game.
– No health regeneration of any kind is allowed. This includes health potions, life leech, skulls in gear, or any item that has health regeneration on it.
– Duels will be run in tournament format unless specified otherwise by MrLlamaSC
– All characters will be leveled during each game. Players must try their best to stay with the group during the leveling process.
– In the event of a user disconnecting from the game, their duel round will be delayed until all other players have dueled at that round to give them a chance to reconnect. If a reconnection does not happen during that time, their duel will be forfeit and they will receive points normally as if they lost that round. MrLlamaSC may delay or award the forfeit at any time as per his own judgment call.
– In the event a user disconnects during a duel, no healing may take place from either player. Other duels will be played out and when the player rejoins the game the duel will continue where they left off from.
– At any point MrLlamaSC can request a view of user gear
– MrLlamaSC can disqualify any person for any reason from the round or tournament
8. Duels will be run on US East Ladder on Closed Battle.net
9. Additional rules may be added by MrLlamaSC as necessary throughout the duration of the MADL