Hype Team

The Llama hype team is exactly as it sounds; a group of people hand picked by MrLlama himself to build hype in the chat, spread llama love, and just overall help MrLlama create a fun/unique environment for everyone.


  • Must be an active member of the community and be able to show up to at least 40-50% of the streams
  • Needs to have a history of being respectful. If I have had to time you out multiple times it will probably hurt your chances a little bit
  • Ability to meet up with MrLlama and the other hype team members weekly or bi-weekly


  • Bonus Dollahs every month from MrLlama
  • "Hype Team" identifier in the Discord
  • Private chat room with MrLlama/other Hype team members
  • Other stuff I'm sure I'll come up with as it goes