About me


My name is Alex Sementelli and I have been a professional Twitch broadcaster since January 21, 2015. I am 31 years old and ever since I was a child I have had an interest in finding a way to incorporate video games into my life. I used to dream about becoming a professional Starcraft player but as I got more serious about it I found there wasn’t enough interaction with people for me and decided to continue searching. Eventually I stumbled into Diablo 2 speedrunning on Twitch and it gave me so much joy, challenge, and interaction that I knew this was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I started streaming full time at the beginning of 2021. So I have just been working hard at that trying to improve my skills and streams to create and entertain an awesome community.

Deep in the heart of texas

Personal History

I currently live in Dallas, TX which is also where I was born and raised. I moved to Oklahoma to attend the University of Tulsa where I graduated with an IT degree and as a four year track athlete (Decathlete). After college I have remained in Oklahoma working various IT jobs from Database admin to SAP analyst to my longterm role as a Data Scientist. In March 2021, I started streaming full time! I have been loving having more time and energy to devote to the game I love, Diablo 2, and the community I have built

How MrLLAmaSC was born

Streaming history

It all started when I was bouncing around Twitch channels and I stumbled onto Nightfallx’s stream of Diablo 2 speedrunning and instantly I was hooked and knew I had to give it a shot because it was just so different. Procedurally generated maps, random items, random monster packs, split second decisions, etc. There was variance + skill + RNG + Diablo 2 which is one of my favorite games ever. So I fired up D2, booted up my stream, and went to work. Since then I have gone through numerous layouts, styles, injuries, emotes, records, games, etc. I was partnered with Twitch in October of 2015 and have been trying my best to “Always be Improving” which is a little motto for me. Right now I’m trying to find the best way to create meaningful streams that also leave me enough time to explore life. I appreciate every single person that has ever stopped by my stream and am so thankful for all the support and kind words that you guys have shared with me.

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