Throw / Shout Barbarian

Dual Wielding Throwing Weapons on the Barbarian isn’t the first thing someone thinks about when they see a giant tank, but it is actually a viable build that can play through all areas of the game including Uber Tristram. The lack of AoE damage and steep gearing requirements will prevent most players from having a simple time playing through the game but, for an endgame build or a difficult challenge, this character is a fabulous choice.

Guided Playthough

These videos are meant to give you a complete “follow along” style playthough of many popular character builds in Diablo 2.




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Video Build Guide

Swapping into Frenzy every few seconds to build up Attack Speed can be extremely valuable, allowing for a significant Damage Per Second increase.

To further increase Damage, running high Deadly Strike Gear, Throwing Mastery, and Lacerator with a 33% Chance to Cast Amplify Damage leads to quickly multiplying your Damage by 3 or 4 times!