Summoner Druid

If you’re tired of playing Summon Necromancer and looking for another Summoning class, the Druid is your next stop! With immortal Ravens, a pack of strong Wolves, a massive Life boosting Oak Sage, and a tanky Bear, there are a lot of options to work your way through the game while staying safe. Definitely not the strongest build in the game but can be fun with enough +skills Gear.

Guided Playthough

These videos are meant to give you a complete “follow along” style playthough of many popular character builds in Diablo 2.




Less reading, more LLama

Video Build Guide

Finding a lot of +Skills gear will be the most Often a Summon Druid will start with a Poison Creeper but quickly shift into using Wolves to fight and quit using Vines by the mid game as they really fall off in value.

With the Druid Summon, ALL Points added (Hard and Soft) will benefit the Summons! This makes the benefit of +Skills gear worth even more for this character.