Summoner Necromancer

One of the classic builds of the game, the Summon Necromancer can amass an extremely large army of Skeletons, Skeleton Mages and Revives, plus a Golem of their choosing. Mixing this with their large array of Curses than can put enemy Monsters into a variety of states, the Summon Necro is one of the best team build and safe solo builds around.

Guided Playthough

These videos are meant to give you a complete “follow along” style playthough of many popular character builds in Diablo 2.




Less reading, more LLama

Video Build Guide

This is a newbie-friendly Character, allowing for complete idle time to manage Potions, place Skills & Stats, or adjust your Inventory while the Summons take Attack and Protect.

Generally it is advised to avoid Raise Skeletal Mage as they simply do not provide a lot of Damage boost and are extremely fragile.