D2 Speedrunning Tips

What is speedrunning?

At its most basic level, speedrunning is playing a video game with the goal to complete all or part of the game as quickly as possible. It takes hours and hours of practice and planning and map memorization. Sometimes game bugs and glitches are exploited in the process to go even faster. If all goes as planned, you will be the proud holder of a world record time in a game!

Check out LLama’s guides for going fast:

Part 1:


Here I give a general introduction to Diablo 2 speedrunning. This covers some basics like when to start/stop your timer, what splits we generally use, and what kind of expectations you should have running this game.

Part 2:

Hot Keys

In this video I discuss a variety of hotkeys from how to fill your belt quickly, navigating the shop appropriately, getting your skills setup, walking/running, equipping/healing your merc and more. While these aren’t always super fun things to practice, they are important to improving!

Part 3:

Bloodmoor + Den of Evil

This piece of the tutorial begins our journey of the sorceress through the game discussing maps, gold, potions, and more that you deal with in the blood moor and den of evil

Part 4:

Cold Plains

This part of the tutorial discusses how to navigate the Cold plains to find the Stony Field exit every time without ever having to enter the Burial Grounds!

Part 5:

Stony field + Underground Passage

In Part 5 of the tutorial we discussed how to navigate the Stony Field, where to find Rakanishu and his minions, how the Underground Passage is setup, and what sorts of paths you should consider taking while running in the UP

Part 6:

Dark Wood + Black Marsh

In this tutorial I discuss how we’re going to run our Sorceress through the Dark Wood and Black Marsh. It covers general map running + what sorts of potions you want to carry into the tower to get ready for Countess runs.

Part 7:

Countess Run

This may be one of the most important tutorial videos for you to watch. This covers what you need to be doing on Countess runs, how you want to view directions on maps (left, right, straight), shopping quantities, looking for items, and more. Definitely take notes here if you want to improve your speedrunning times!

Part 8:

Respec + Rest of Act 1

Now that we have the basics down, this shows us finishing out the rest of Act 1 including running through inner/outer cloister, jail, catacombs, killing Andariel, and getting setup for Act 2.

Part 9:

Navigating Act 2 Maps

In this part of the speedrun tutorial we discuss how you want to run around maps like the dry hills, far oasis, lost city, etc. It describes finding your position on the map, what to do when looking for waypoints/entrances, and more!

Part 10:

Maggot Lair

Here I discuss how you want to navigate the maggot lair, which directions you need to run, and little tricks like help you get a little more vision or ideas on which way you need to run.

Part 11:

Claw Viper Temple + Halls of the Dead

In this part of the speedrun tutorial we go through getting the amulet and cube so that we can proceed through the rest of Act 2.

Part 12:

Arcane Sanctuary

This tutorial discussed how to run the Arcane Sanctuary. We go over general map running and the RNG that you get in doing so.

Part 13:

Finishing Act 2 Tombs + Duriel

Here we show how to find Duriel and kick his butt with ease! Drink those thawing potions!!!

Part 14:

Act 3 Jungle

In this video I cover all of the Act 3 jungle early stages (spider forest, great marsh, flayer jungle). Hopefully this helps you gain knowledge on how to run Act 3 a little bit better so you don’t have to worry!

Part 15:

Flayer Dungeon through Travincal

Here we cover the flayer dungeon, sewers, Kurasts (lower, bazaar, upper), and the Travincal. Getting good at running these maps and knowing the patterns can definitely help improve your time!

Part 16:

Durance of Hate + Mephisto

Here we just have a short video covering the Durance of Hate and fighting Mephisto. Remember, deaths against Mephisto happen! Just make sure to have a TP available.

Part 17:

Act 4

In this tutorial, I cover some maps leading up to the River of Flame, through the River, and completing the Chaos Sanctuary. Lots of fixed maps here make it easier to navigate!

Part 18:

Act 5

Here I cover all of Act 5 and everything that it includes! Getting through, running Ancients, and of course handling the throne and Baal.