With insanely strong single target and Area of Effect damage, the Javazon is probably the highest damage output character in the game. Once she gets a Mercenary with Infinity, her farming power becomes near unstoppable and there is no area in the game where she can’t farm. She does, however, come with the drawback of usually being a glass cannon and needing a bit of positioning knowledge to play well.

Guided Playthough

These videos are meant to give you a complete “follow along” style playthough of many popular character builds in Diablo 2.




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Video Build Guide

Javazon playstyle revolves around her dominant attack Lightning Fury being used to clear screens of monsters quickly in a few throws

Javazons are extremely Mana intensive. Until you get to your endgame gear, your Mana sustain will be non-existent and you will be chugging Mana Potions.