Frost / Fire Amazon

The Frost/Fire Amazon is a slight variation of the Frostmaiden build. Instead of running pure Ice with some Physical shots to deal with Cold Immune monsters, you are instead using Exploding Arrow. This build is generally seen as slightly worse than the Frostmaiden but can still complete Hell and isn’t insanely gear dependent. One of the main purposes for running this build is to help deal with Immunities as you progress through the game. If choosing a single element, while being technically stronger in damage, your Amazon will struggle in Solo Self Found play in late Nightmare and Hell.

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Video Build Guide

While most Elemental Characters are having to figure out creative solutions to avoid Immunities, this Bowazon is capable of tackling most any Monster or Area.

This build is going to focus on gaining as many +Skills as possible, including prioritizing over Attack Rating, Crushing Blow, and other Affixes similar.